This Green Moon is nestled in the ancient Swillington Farm Woodlands and Estate (160 acres of organic loveliness).

Our ethos at This Green Moon is to have a light environmental impact and to carry a sustainable approach throughout every aspect of the business. We want to make sure that we do our bit for the environment and local economy, so here’s what we’re up to..

Food sold on site is sourced locally, wherever possible.

The willow used in our fencing is coppiced from site, ensuring its regrowth and sustainability.

We recycle 97% of our waste (3% to landfill) by sending it all off to a lovely waste recycling company that sorts everything.

Our ‘green’ cups and ‘not a plastic glass’ glasses are fully compostable on the farm.

We have almost zero litter, even on the busiest days – we find visitors respect the woodland environment they are playing in.

We have really strong Tree and Environmental Management Plans for a previously unmanaged landscape.

We’re in the process of constructing a willow, fully compostable toilet, which we’re very proud of.

We have incorporated bird boxes into Swilligog villages so they can live together.