The benefits of being amongst trees and nature is documented and proven to bring out the best in all of us.

Sessions are run by our qualified Forest School Practitioner and are based around the freedom of the forest. 

Encouraging the children to work in teams or if they desire on their own, each session will involve a goal. It maybe to build a weatherproof shelter using natural materials, to process firewood and build a fire, create art on the forest floor, imagine a story and go on a quest, find and identify, alternatively the children may want to create their own path through the session.

Be free to explore in a safe and friendly place. All play is good play in the forest 🙂

This session is for home educated children aged up to 12 and costs £9. All walking children  must be paid for. Sessions run most Tuesdays from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm. Booking is a must.

‘We have attended This green moon’s home educators forest school since it first began and we are most definitely hooked! We have been pretty much every week since, in rain, snow and sun. It has a very magical feeling once you walk through the farm gates up into the woods. The children benefit from the learning environment and get to experience amazing lessons where Paul teaches them valuable and lifelong skills. We are very lucky to be able to access such a environment and entrust them to enrich our children’s education’.

Charlotte Boyes