It was obvious Paul and I shared many common interests during our first meeting almost 2 years ago now. Paul was introduced to me as ‘The Yorkshire Gourmet’ (A pretty bold statement I perceived). His love of the great outdoors and his passion for God’s own country along with  the glint in his eye when a red lightsaber was mentioned, set us in good stead for what was to come.

I was completely unaware of the talents that braised beneath his friendly unassuming demeanor. After perusing, wide eyed and generally in awe of Paul’s Instagram @yorkshiregourmet I couldn’t quite place the man with the myth………Did Paul really create these fantastic comestible incantations!!!!?

It didn’t take long to strike up our first campfire cook date. Armed with a wonderful cut of Organic grass- fed beef from the farm, a couple of bottles of Leeds Brewery, Midnight Bell dark ale and what can only be described as Paul’s ‘little green bag’ we walked the couple of hundred metres from the farm butchery and into the ancient woods.

The ever giving natural environment provided us with kindling, branches and logs for feeding a raging fire and also provided some lovely foraged ingredients such as wild garlic and wood avens.

Peace, fresh air and the wonderful aromas from the fire mixed to create an almost therapeutic ambience. Paul’s preparation and cooking is best described as alchemy and his finished dish on this day had my taste buds hypnotized. I was well and truly caught by ‘The Yorkshire Gourmets’ spell.

For the next 10 months we developed the concept of Fire & Dine. A completely traceable off grid dining evening. From Organic farm – fire – fork and quite possibly the lowest food miles in the UK. Our first full test provided 8 guests with an enchanting evening of fabulous dining and great conversation. The feedback was overwhelmingly lovely.

So here we are now, preparing to ignite the flames on our second year of Fire & Dine exclusives. The adventure begins with a walk through woodlands to your exclusive Mountain Ash table. Switch off your phone and rely on beautiful hurricane lamps for a warm glow under the cover of our woodland shelter.

Expect to drink beautiful Yorkshire wines and hearty Yorkshire ales along with the sublime flavours of a wonderful 4 course meal, prepared by a true wizard of the woods ‘The Yorkshire Gourmet’. Prices range from £100 to £120 per head, with private dining also available. For dates and booking, click here.